VLMC has created a streamlined examination procedure that saves consumers time while maintaining service quality.



1. Welcome, get your order number

- The customer is classified by nurses and instructed to press the ordinal number

- Customers fill in personal information (for new customers)

- Customers prepare the necessary documents:

+ Health insurance (if any)

+ Personal papers with legal photo

+ Prescription and doctor's appointment (if customer re-examination)

2. Reception  

- Customers wait for their number

- Customers present the necessary documents above

- Pay medical fees according to instructions

3. Scales

- Customers are given signs of survival

- Customers are instructed the number of doctors' rooms

4. Examination

- Customers wait for their turn

- Clients perform Subclinical Procedures (if any)

- The doctor conducts examination and diagnosis

- Doctors prescribe drugs and follow-up appointment (if any)

5. Buy prescription medicine

- Customers buy drugs according to the doctor's prescription

- After completing, customers proceed to leave